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भारतीय शास्त्रीय वाद्ययंत्र


  1. Today's edition of the evening music show "Hello, Andrey!" opens VIA "Episode" (Yuri Zverev, Marina Frolova, Ekaterina Rechnova, Vyacheslav Antsigin and Elena Sidorova) with the song "Kalina". This evening, Andrey Malakhov's guests perform their favorite songs of the ensembles of the 70s.

    Alexey Yesin, Angelina Vovk, Alexander Gushchin, Elena Polyanskaya, Atrem Orlov, Alya Chinina, Igor and Stas Seleznev, Olga Nazarova, Sergey Manushin, Sergey Batalov, Elena Vorfolomeeva, Tatiana Bogush, Oleg Chuprin, Valery Semin gathered at the round table in the studio "Russia-1" today. In the finale of the release, the song "People meet" is performed by all the guests of the evening.

  2. For the first time, Iranian classical music was played on the Yamal land. The audience not only enjoyed the amazing voice of Hossein Nursharg, but also heard how oud, santur and kamanche sound. Photo by Anastasia DANILENKO, such a project within the framework of cultural cooperation between the region and Asian countries is being implemented on the initiative of Governor Dmitry Artyukhov. Yamal is establishing ties with India, Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Iran. From September 27 to October 8, Indian, Mongolian, Iranian and Chinese artists are on tour in Salekhard, Gubkin, Tarko-Sale, Novy Urengoy and Noyabrsk. About love to the sounds of santur "There are many of us" – this was the name of the concert of Iranian artists. Soloist Hossein Nursharg and four musicians (Siyavash Valipur, Alireza Daryai, Maryam Khodabakhsh and Negar Ezazi), who played traditional Iranian instruments: santur, kamanche, oud and percussion, took the stage at the V.A. Koch Children's Music School. Hossein is a true bearer of the oldest song tradition of Iran – avaza. This is a unique style of authentic singing. The singer's unique extended monologues, similar to crying, are accompanied by the accompaniment of instrumentalists. At the same time, music is born directly during the performance. In general, a continuous improvisation in a burst of inspiration. It's like you're walking into a fairy tale from The Arabian Nights. The soloist's singing takes the audience to the expanses of ancient Persia, with its mountains, minarets, oriental bazaars.

    Hossein Nursharg speaks Russian perfectly. Tonight you will listen to the story of my heart, And tomorrow you will forget me like a fairy tale. My arms will not embrace you. Oh, moon-faced, who's hugging you? These are the lines of the Iranian poet Hoshang Ebtehaj, they were set to music by the composer Siyavash Valipur. Agree that it is very difficult to imagine how these poems will sound at a fast pace. That's what avaz is for. Hossein is a vocalist by vocation and a lawyer by education, and also a connoisseur of national culture, a consultant to the Moscow Conservatory. He is one of those who maintains a stable interest in studying the musical culture of Iran in Russia. By the way, Hossein Nursharg speaks Russian perfectly.