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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hindustani Vocal Sangeet Bhushan Part One

Senior Diploma Part – 1
Knowledge of the following concepts:
  • Sangeet, Sangeet Paddhati, Nada, Shruti, Swara, Saptak, Thaat, Taal, Laya, Jati, Sam, Tali, Khali, Avartan, Matra, Alankar, Description of Raags.
  • Notation System of Pt. Visnu Digambar Paluskar and Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, perceptive knowledge of ragas through written swaras.
  • Practice of elementary alankars, Shudhha and Komal Swaras
  • Knowledge of Shuddha and Vikrit Swaras.
  • Knowledge of taal and laya, practice of demonstrating taals by hand.
  • One Drut(fast) khyal with two Alaaps, three tans in each of the following ragas.
    • Bihag, Bhupali, Khamaj, Asawari, Bhairav, Bilawal, Yaman Kalyan.
  • Geet in Keharva and Dadra.
  • National Anthem of India.
  • Ability of recognising ragas and taal through special notes and boles.
  • One lakshan geet and one sagram geet in any prescribed raag.
  • Taal Prescribed:
    • Dadra, Keharva and Teen.
Syllabus includes the course prescribed in previous courses

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